We Help Lexmark Reveal its Multiple Personalities

Kofax (a Lexmark company) recently looked to Binary Pulse to help develop an integrated, multi-channel campaign promoting its customer engagement-boosting solutions. The persona-centric approach required putting a face to several key buyers of enterprise solutions. And that's exactly what we did.

Working closely with Kofax subject matter experts, we breathed life into key buyer profiles, tailoring content to three distinct personalities. Language was hand-crafted to speak in each audience’s native tongue.

Anchored by a Binary Pulse-penned, 27-page eBook, the content campaign featured display ad, email and social components to attract prospects.

The campaign was highlighted by a series of three Web videos. We scripted, cast, shot and animated these videos to add more than a little character to this successful campaign. Check them out:

“Exactly What Do You Know?”



“Can You Travel at the Speed of Now?”




“Are You Ready to Move?”



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