Testimonials & Case Studies

Seeing is believing

In the era of customer reviews and social sharing, people increasingly seek recommendations and advice from trusted third parties. For both B2C and B2B audiences, video testimonials and case studies provide this valuable “social proof” and can go a long way toward compelling action.

Don’t take our word for it

Video testimonials are one of the most successful ways to provide independent advocacy for a product or service. Because real customers are not likely to risk their own credibility vouching for a product in which they don’t truly believe, testimonials pack a lot of power.


Testimonials are authentic and relatable

While watching a video testimonial, viewers are subconsciously processing thousands of nuanced impressions of the subject’s authenticity, all of which add up to credibility for your brand and product.

B-roll adds context to case studies

In addition to interviews, case studies also benefit from b-roll footage that shows the solution in action, before-and-after comparisons and related environments. B-roll not only rounds out the emotional depth of any story, but also satisfies the need to rotate imagery to keep viewer interest.


We make creating testimonials easy and efficient

Binary Pulse Studios has produced hundreds of testimonials and can make the process painless for you. From crafting of questions to on-location (or in-studio) directing, we’ll help hone the stories to be their most engaging. Our film crews will then ensure that all locations are shot beautifully and always cast the best light upon your brand. Our teams are efficient at streamlining the process for all parties, minimizing disruption and encouraging participation.

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