Sales & Marketing Videos

Getting a face-to-face sales meeting involves overcoming a lot of obstacles: inescapable Caller ID, stubborn gatekeepers and prohibitive travel schedules among them. Purpose-built video can do some of the groundwork for you—affording prospects a convenient way to “meet” your company wherever and whenever they have time and inclination—helping warm up your cold calls.

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Training Videos

If user or customer training is part of your plan, make sure to include video. As we all become more oriented to video for entertainment and communication, it follows that training also benefits from the inclusion of video. Particularly with the proliferation of mobile video viewership, training videos stand to reach audiences whenever and wherever they need instruction.

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Event & Tradeshow Videos

Events are an important intersection for any organization. Marketers, customers, prospects, partners, investors and media cross paths to teach and learn; to motivate and be inspired. Whether you’re putting on your own event or attending an industry tradeshow, there are myriad ways video can help you capitalize upon several unique opportunities to deliver and derive value.

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The commercial has been a staple of advertising budgets since the dawn of the TV Age. The rise of the Digital Age has only expanded the opportunities for video to inform and persuade. But the essential goal of video advertising remains the same: to tell the most compelling story in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Corporate Films

Every company or organization begins with a goal, a mission, a calling. While those mantras resound clearly during the formative days, too often they get diminished or disregarded in the churn of everyday operations. Corporate films are a way to capture the emotional essence of those enduring messages in order to rally a variety of audiences to your vision.

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Testimonials & Case Studies

In the era of customer reviews and social sharing, people increasingly seek recommendations and advice from trusted third parties. For both B2C and B2B audiences, video testimonials and case studies provide this valuable “social proof” and can go a long way toward compelling action.

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