Training Videos

See it, understand it, retain it

If user or customer training is part of your plan, make sure to include video. As we all become more oriented to video for entertainment and communication, it follows that training also benefits from the inclusion of video. Particularly with the proliferation of mobile video viewership, training videos stand to reach audiences whenever and wherever they need instruction.

The ultimate instructional aid

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Engaging the senses expands learning

Research indicates that people will only remember 10% of what they hear three days later, but when paired with video, that number jumps to 65%.


How-To’s are must-haves

YouTube is a popular destination for step-by-step How-To’s. Whether it’s building a deck, installing new software, or making the perfect martini, consumers regularly turn to video first for a shortcut to understanding. Make sure they find you.

Video aligns with instructional design

If you’re creating a video for training, retention is likely your goal. In that case, your video should be purpose-built in accordance with accepted instructional design principles. Aligning with instructional models such as Kirkpatrick and ADDIE can help keep content focused on training outcomes and increase retention.


Reach thousands in the time it takes to train one

Regardless of the goal, video lets you scale your training efforts easily:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Compliance Training
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Self-Service Help
  • Channel Enablement
  • Instruction on Company Procedures
  • Sales Training
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Communication and Team-Building Workshops
  • Prep for CEUs and Certifications
  • Educational Summits and Conferences
  • Micro Trainings for Sales Floor Employees

We can teach you a few things about effective video training

Binary Pulse Studios has produced many training videos and has staff with specific experience in Instructional Design principles. From onboarding new hires to creating shareable How-To’s for your customers, and everything in between, video training is an efficient way to transfer knowledge in entertaining, memorable and effective ways.

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