Our Process

We put painstaking effort into creating a pain-free experience

Our services can be as comprehensive or as specialized as you need. We can take you from story to screen or simply provide a camera crew to capture footage for you. Whatever the engagement, professional, dependable and tireless customer service is our hallmark.


Plan the shoot. Shoot the plan.

The right plan makes good ideas great. From the get-go, our team of scriptwriters, storyboard artists, cinematographers, musicians, designers, and producers work closely with you to determine not only the creative vision for your video, but also the practical balance of techniques, budget and timing. We strive to create a wholly satisfying experience, from big picture to small particulars. Location scouting, permits, talent, props, insurance—we get out in front of everything before we ever get behind the camera.


When cameras roll, we really shine.

The nuance of lighting, the subtlety of proper lensing, the purposeful direction of talent—these are the intangibles that you might not know to ask for, but that you fully appreciate when you see the results. We can handle virtually any scenario or circumstance. We can run and gun or we can create long, beautiful moments. We can shoot on location or on green screen. We can cover events or create feature films. And we can scale a production crew appropriate to the need from a nationwide (and global) team of proven partners.


The devil is in the details.

When finishing a video, there is a difference between being done and being complete. The latter requires a commitment to going the distance. It involves a deeper vision; a critical eye for minute details. The perfect color balance, the purposeful application of effects, the thoughtful treatment of type, the resonance of the musical score. The holistic blend of these elements adds that unconscious luster that separates a good video from a great one.

Partial Gear List


  • SONY F5/55 w/ 4K RAW Recorder
  • SONY Fs7 w/ 4K Internal Recording and RAW output
  • SONY Fs5 w/ 4K Internal Recording
  • SONY A7sII w/ 4K Internal Recording



3-Axis Gimbals

  • DJI OSMO Three-Axis Gimbal w/ 4K Camera and Recorder


  • Braun NIZO S800 Super 8mm Film Camera
  • Aaton LTR7 Super 16 Film Camera

Camera Support

  • SACHTLER Tripods and Fluid Heads
  • CHROZIEL MB Support
  • TILTA Camera Cages
  • MOVCAM Camera Support
  • DANA DOLLY Tracks and Sliders


  • ARRI Lighting Systems
  • LOWEL Lighting Systems
  • DRACAST Lighting Systems
  • X-RITE Color Checkers
  • SEKONIC Litemaster Pro L-478D Light Meter


  • CANON EF / L Ultrasonic Series 8mm, 16-35mm, 24-105mm, 50mm, 70-200mm, 300mm
  • ZEISS CP2 Compact Primes 35mm, 50mm, 85mm


  • CANON BCTV J9.5×4.8 Super Wide IF
  • FUJINON BCTV A8.5×5.5BVM Super Wide IF


  • LECTROSONICS Pro Wireless Lav Systems
  • SENNHEISER Wireless Lav Systems
  • SOUND DEVICES Location Recording Systems
  • TASCAM Location Recording Systems

Location Monitor/Video Village

  • MARSHALL 7 inch HD 1080p LCD (4)
  • PANASONIC 42 and 17 inch 1080p LCD (2)
  • SMALL HD DP6 5 inch 1080p LCD (2)


  • Mac Pro Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Workstations/bays
  • Mac Pro Avid Audio Recording/Editing Workstations with KORG Digital Music Instrument Stations
  • Wacom Cintiq Stylus Illustration Workstations