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The sales pro’s best friend

Getting a face-to-face sales meeting involves overcoming a lot of obstacles: inescapable Caller ID, stubborn gatekeepers and prohibitive travel schedules among them. Purpose-built video can do some of the groundwork for you—affording prospects a convenient way to “meet” your company wherever and whenever they have time and inclination—helping warm up your cold calls.

Smart marketers want more eyes on video

Marketers routinely use short- and long-form video as a vital part of inbound and outbound campaigns. This makes sense when you consider that 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.*



Make the most of every second

Deliver your best elevator pitch, even without the elevator. Video lets you deliver impactful overviews in a precise, predictable duration – each and every time.

Video signals interest and can trigger response

Offering video helps you provide better-qualified leads to your sales team. When paired with the right monitoring software, you can analyze video viewership to know which videos (and which portions of which videos) are being watched by whom and when.


Relevance at every stop along the buyer’s journey

The limitless techniques and types of subject matter make video effective from top-of-funnel awareness to final evaluation.

We’ll help you increase video in your marketing mix

Binary Pulse Studios can help you produce a video to give potential new customers a compelling way to learn more about your offering. We’ll take you from script to screen in the most purposeful and painless manner. We can then offer insight into the way your video is being shared and consumed—giving your sales team the additional intelligence they need to succeed.

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