Virtual Conferences & Events

Transcend time and place

Tradeshows, conferences and events have crossed an important inflection point. Whether motivated by pandemics or economics, organizations increasingly look to video to help realize the potential of live broadcasts and virtual events. Binary Pulse Studios can help you navigate these opportunities with a full suite of integrated production services.

Bring events alive

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Resourceful strategy

If planned correctly, a virtual event can be engaging for attendees and sponsors, generate revenue opportunities, and demonstrate ROI. Binary Pulse Studios can help you create a sound event strategy that takes advantage of the unique aspects of virtual events.

Engaging content

Where traditional in-person events typically relied on location, venue and networking opportunities as primary draws, virtual events are all about content. From speaker recruitment, presentation design and pre-event marketing, Binary Pulse Studios can help you prepare the type of content that draws attendees and drives engagement.

Industrial-grade delivery

Virtual events can involve a 100% live broadcast or, more often, a mix of streamed and pre-recorded content. We’ll help you plan the most practical and economical approach to your video production. Underneath it all, we’ll engineer a reliable infrastructure—human and technology—to ensure your audiences enjoy the most frictionless user experience possible.

Virtually any type of event

Virtual conferences
Town halls
Sales kickoffs
Company-wide events
Press events
Product rollouts
Product training
Department meetings
Shareholder meetings

Companies we’ve worked with

Initiate or accelerate your virtual event plans

Binary Pulse Studios brings you the proven track record and technical resources to make your live-streamed conference or event successful.

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