Stay Ahead of the Competition with Multimedia

On the heels of an August that saw us in production on no less than ten multimedia pieces, I thought I’d share a recent video we completed for ourselves. It speaks to our belief in the unique efficacy of multimedia (Flash and online video) in the technology marketing mix.

“More than 157 million U.S. Internet users viewed video online during the month, the largest audience recorded for a single month.”  – comScore Video Metrix, June 2009

Multimedia is no longer just a “nice-to-have.” Increasingly, it’s expected by prospects and customers. As a communications medium, a brand builder and a viral social media tool, time and time again multimedia proves its mettle in the technology marketer’s arsenal. If you’re not integrating multimedia into your online presence, you may get left behind. Or, worse yet, devoured.

Why Pre-Production is the Unsung Hero of Commercial Success

In the dazzling world of commercial production, the glitz and glamor of the final product often eclipse the critical groundwork laid during pre-production. Yet, it’s this often-overlooked phase that sets the stage for a commercial’s […]

Better Content Begins with U.R.B.

Is your content working as hard as it can? Measure it against the “U.R.B.” standard.


EZ-AR Overview Video

When approaching any product overview video, there is typically a creative fork in the road: do we go illustrated/animated or live action? In the case of EZ-AR, the answer was “yes.”


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