Behind the Scenes of the Epicor Rebrand

Earlier this year, Binary Pulse rolled out a new global brand for long-time client, Epicor. Leveraging the company-conceived "Grow Business, Not Software" slogan, Binary Pulse crafted a comprehensive visual look and feel to help differentiate Epicor within the ERP space.

The new brand is a bold attempt to capture Epicor’s increased emphasis on the Cloud across all sectors, industries and geographies, Vibrant new colors, engaging imagery and a design language focused on communicating business growth are employed. Introduced over Q1 of this year, the new brand is currently expanding throughout multiple channels as use deepens across the organization.

Hear about some of the objectives and approaches of the rebrand from Epicor marketing leadership and the Binary Pulse creative team in this “Making of the Brand” video.

Watch the full brand video

Check out the new Brand Handbook

“We’ve worked with Binary Pulse for a number of years in a lot of different engagements. They’ve been a true partner for us throughout a lot of projects, but this project is huge for us as a company – really changing the brand at its core. Binary Pulse has been there for each and every step — helping us concept out how we want to take it forward, working with us interactively about what the best approach would be, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them on it.”

Celia T. Fleischaker, Chief Marketing Officer, Epicor

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