Announcing Binary Pulse Studios

After more than a decade of purposeful expansion of skills, capabilities and resources, video represents one the most in-demand types of content we generate for clients. To extend the value of this momentum, we’re now offering our video services to audiences outside our technology industry focus. We’re excited to announce Binary Pulse Studios, the video production unit of Binary Pulse Technology Marketing.

Binary Pulse Studios is a team of creatives, technicians and visionaries dedicated to crafting compelling stories in the visual medium. While the majority of our work is with technology organizations, our services are applicable to companies from any industry.

Our team has shot in every environment— from clean rooms to boardrooms. From frozen mountaintops to tropical beaches. Product features to feature films. Across the country and around the world. What unifies this diverse body of work is our commitment to the caliber of the image and spirit of the story. Because when those are fully aligned, something akin to magic happens.

Check out our latest cinematic reel:



Our video services align to all three major phases of production:


The Binary Pulse Studios team includes scriptwriters, storyboard artists, cinematographers, musicians, designers, producers— all of the individuals necessary to breathe life into your vision. This diversity of perspective and completeness of capability makes us an invaluable partner.


Our camera teams combine the right equipment with the right experience. Regardless of the scope, scale or complexity of the shoot, we deliver with an unwavering dedication to story and aesthetics and an obsessive attention to logistics and budget.


Our post-production team is a multi-talented group of 2D and 3D illustrators, motion graphics specialists, composers, sound designers, voice actors and more. Each brings a specialized passion to every project that, when combined, creates something truly memorable.

Southern California is our backyard. But our ambition knows no bounds.

Being in Orange County, we’re strategically situated right between LA and San Diego. But our travels have found us shooting in Phoenix, San Jose, Vegas, Austin, Denver, Seattle, Alaska, Philly, New York, Boston, Miami, Bahamas, Canada, the U.K.— you get the idea.

If you’re a company needing to create a compelling marketing video, a product tutorial, a facility tour, or even have a camera crew at your live event, we’ve got you covered…regardless of industry. Or, if you’re a production company looking for shooters or editors to support a local production, we should talk.

If you’ve got a need, we’ve got the resources, will, and wherewithal to be your go-to team. Visit

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